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Kurtis & Thom's Bookstore Tour 2010

In late April 2010, Kurtis Lowe, independent book sales representative in the Northwest with Book Travelers West, and Thom Chambliss, Executive Director of the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association, toured forty-two independent bookstores in the greater Seattle area in three days. The tour started in downtown Seattle, wound as far north as Bellingham, took a brief jaunt over to San Juan, Lopez, and Bainbridge Islands before traveling back through Port Angeles, Port Orchard, Olympia and Tacoma on our way home. The experience of visiting all of those fine stores was exciting, amusing, intriguing and humbling. It is amazing what these stores' owners do to deliver the best books and the best service they can to their local communities. We hope you enjoy the photos and comments, even half as much as we enjoyed collecting them. HERE is a link to Kurtis' web site, from which you can click the link at the top marked "Thom & Kurtis Tour," to see the photos and descriptions, most of which were provided by the store owners themselves.